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When was Street Obsessions founded? 2007

Why should I join THIS car club?  Street Obsessions Car Club offers many benefits to it's members. After a three month trial time, all members are allowed to partake in discounts. We do our best to organize barbecues, get togethers, swap meets etc.

Does Street Obsessions participate in car shows? Yes! We encourage members go out to car shows and PROFESSIONALLY represent the club.

What does it take to become a member? Just a passion for vehicles. It may say "Car Club" but we sponsor trucks, SUVs, and anything else with a motor that you put time and effort into it.

I don't have a "tricked out" or "suped up" car. Can I still join? YES! We promote this! This club is a friendly environment where you can get tips on what to do to your vehicle and get ideas as well!


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